Foto von Stefanie Ficht

Stefanie Ficht, M.Sc.

Technische Universität München

Lehrstuhl für Medizintechnische Materialien und Implantate (Prof. Mela)

Curriculum Vitae

Stefanie Ficht studied mechanical engineering in her bachelor's degree and focused on medical technology as a master's degree at the Technical University of Munich. In both her semester and master thesis, she dealt with the development and testing of various orthopaedic implants. During an academic semester at the Technical University of Denmark she deepened her knowledge in biomedical product development. Stefanie Ficht started her work at the Chair of Medical Materials and Implants in January 2019. Her field of research is processing of degradable materials, subsequent degradation tests and the application in the field of implants.

Furthermore, Stefanie Ficht contributes to MedTech OneWorld as the coordinator of Singapore and surrounding Southeast region. The main topics she deals with are the cooperation with Asian project partners, the organization of the Singaporean-German Symposium on Medical Plastics Engineering and international education in form of student exchanges.

R&D Topics

  • Degradable Materials
  • Medical Plastics Engineering
  • Extrusion and Additive Manufacturing



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