Willkommen am Lehrstuhl für Produktentwicklung und Leichtbau



Neue Ausgabe der LPL news

Neben zahlreichen Artikeln über Lehre, Projekte und Forschung, finden Sie in der dritten Ausgabe der LPL news die Vorstellung der neuen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter sowie einen Beitrag über die neu gegründeten Forschungsgruppen am Lehrstuhl für Produktentwicklung und...[mehr]


TMS Start Up Hawa Dawa is hiring!

TMS Start Up Hawa Dawa is looking for working students in business, hw and sw to help them clean our air!!! If you are looking for a new opportunity to get some experience in the entrepreneurial world and you want to save the planet, this is your call! Find mor information...[mehr]


TMS Start Up SOLOS Mirrors at Fitness First

Listen up! This goes to all althletes and sports people out there. Since October 2018 you can use the innovative training solution of our TMS Start Up SOLOS in Fitness First Studios. Watch their promo video to get a first impression or visit their website to understand how...[mehr]


TMS Winning Team Rebento in the News!!!

After winning the THINK. Audience Award at THINK.MAKE.START. #8 in September 2018 team Rebento has been working hard to get their product to the market. After additional user tests the team is now getting their first boxes into restaurants. Read more about their...[mehr]