Advanced Control

The module "Advanced Control" gives an introduction to state space approach for controller and observer design of linear dynamical systems. Based on typical control tasks we introduce the two-degrees-of-freedom (2DOF) controller structure. In a unified framework, we consider the design of feedforward and feedback controllers, and exploit different canonical state representations for controller and observer design. As an alternative to eigenvalue placement, we introduce the LQR approach for the optimal design of state feedback controllers and augment our controller structure successively by measures to counteract external disturbances and to improve the transient behavior of the closed loop.

This course which is hold in english in winter semester is a master module. It corresponds to the lecture "Moderne Methoden der Regelunstechnik 1", which is held in german. The exam can be validated only in one of these lectures (Advanced Control or Moderne Methoden der Regelungstechnik 1). After having passed the exam you get 5 ECTS.

The module consists of

a lecture and

an exercise course.

In addition, we offer an optional tutorial to recapitulate the prerequisites (e.g. on linear systems' analysis in time and frequency domain) or to work on the solutions of additional exercises.

The optional revision courses give you the opportunity to clarify open questions concerning the content of the lecture. Moreover, they allow to discuss topics and advanced questions that go beyond the scope of the course.